2016/2017 Tuition & Fees

New Student Application and Testing Fee

(K5 – 8th Grade)                $70.00 (testing and new set-up fee for Renweb)

Registration and Book Fees (inclusive):

Includes use of hardcover textbooks, one copy each of consumable textbooks, family membership in the PTL, one yearbook, one assignment pad (1st -8th) , art class supplies (1st -8th), one Spirit Shirt (1st – 8th grade). 

Regular Fees:  After May 1

PK 2 and PK 3

K4 / VPK Full Day


1st through 8th





Early Registration Fees
Registration must be completed by May 1st to qualify

PK 2 and PK 3

K4 / VPK Full Day


1st  through 8th





Other fees:

PK / K4 snack Fee $175, two installmentsBilled in Sept. and Jan. Graduation Fee K5 $75 billed May 1st
Technology Fee K4/K5 $75, one installment, Oct. Graduation Fee 8th $150 billed May 1st
Technology Fee 1st-5th $150, two installmentsBilled in Oct. and Feb. Athletic Team Fee $50 per sport, payable in advance ($35 for those enrolled in full time OOS)
Technology Fee6th – 8th $280, two installmentsBilled in Oct.  and Feb. Late Payment fee $40 per month,billed on the 11th of the month
This includes the rental and license fee of a Chromebook for the school year and accidental damage insurance. These devices will be signed out to the student and parent at the beginning of the school year and will travel back and forth from home to school with the student.  Parents are financially responsible for lost Chromebooks and will be billed for replacement cost. Returned Payment Fee

$50.00 or less:$25 per Check

$50.01 $300.00:$30.00 per Check

$300.01 or More:$40.00 per Check

Or an amount equal to 5% on the face Value of the Check, whichever is greater.


Pre-Kindergarten:                                        Extended Day (3PM)                Full Day (up to 6PM)

PK2 2 by Sept. 1st, not required to be toilet trained $5600 yearly, $560 monthly $6400 yearly, $640 monthly
PK3 3 by Sept. 1st, required to be toilet trained $5500 yearly, $550 monthly $6300 yearly, $630 monthly

K4 (Voluntary Pre- Kindergarten ProgramMust be four years old by Sept. 1st

VPK Only


Full-day Program


Noon Dismissal

No charge

Student must be picked up  by 11:30AM

2:45 Dismissal

$5,800 or $580.00 per month

VPK payment is subtracted from tuition due

K5 – 8th Grade

K5 – 8th Grade Tuition

$6,700 yearly

$670.00 monthly

K5: Must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1st and demonstrate Kindergarten readiness skills

1st grade: K5 completion required; 6 on or before

Sept. 1st

Available Tuition Discounts:

Two students in the same family

(must reside in the same home and be on one account)10% off of the total tuitionThree or more students in the same family

(must reside in the same home and be on one account)15% off of the total tuitionAnnual Payment (July)10% off of the total tuitionSemi-annual Payments (July, December)5% off of the total tuitionChurch MembershipThis discount is available for active church members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  Active church membership requires at least 50% attendance in worship, participation in the life of the church and regular giving.

Please note:  Discounts may not exceed the actual cost of tuition and may be adjusted accordingly.