The students and staff of Holy Cross Lutheran School receive significant benefit when parents and other individuals from the community volunteer. The additional help and support assists us in fulfilling our mission, which is to empower students to reach their full potential. Before starting your first volunteer task with Holy Cross Lutheran School we ask all volunteers to be aware of the following points:

  • Report to the office to sign in and out through Raptor each time you volunteer at the school.
  • Wear identification badges provided by the school while participating in volunteer activities.
  • As a courtesy to others, please turn off cell phones while engaged in your volunteer duties.
  • All volunteers that will be directly interacting with students must submit to a level 1 background check through the Raptor System in advance. Please be sure to allow sufficient time for the background check to go through. The volunteer will access the hyperlink to the Raptor System and complete the authorization for a background check. The results are sent to the confidential in-box of the school administrator.


Volunteers can serve in a variety of capacities in the classrooms, offices, cafeteria, grounds, chaperons, etc.

  • Be responsible and safe – always put children first.
  • All volunteers who will be in direct contact with students must submit to a Level1 background check prior to the event.
  • Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age to be given direct supervision of students such as on a class field trip.
  • If you are taking food into school, please check with the class teacher or school administration as some foods may be inappropriate for children with food allergies. No food containing peanut products may be brought into classrooms or the cafeteria.
  • Maintain scheduled commitments. Teachers plan based on volunteer commitments. This is especially important when volunteering to chaperone a field trip. Call the school office or communicate with the teacher well in advance if you need to cancel your volunteer time on a particular day.
  • Communicate with designated staff members to ensure clear expectations, task assignments, and feedback on volunteer activity.
  • Under no circumstances should ongoing instruction be interrupted. If you have questions wait until there is an appropriate moment.
  • Respect that a teacher’s desk and/or work area is private.
  • If the volunteer is supervising or interacting with children, such as on a field trip, during field day or during a class party, volunteers shall exercise mature judgment in supervising children and shall in all instances respect each student’s rights and privacy.
  • Volunteers should discuss any concerns regarding students directly and exclusively with the supervising teacher or the school administrator. Volunteers should not discuss concerns with other parents.
  • As a volunteer you may well be working closely with children, sometimes on a one to one basis. If you are working with a pupil on his/her own, always ensure that the door is left open, or that you and the student are visible to others.
  • All those who come into contact with children through their every day work, whether paid or voluntary, are responsible for their own actions and behavior and should avoid any conduct which would lead a reasonable person to question their motivation or intentions. We all have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children.
  • Volunteers should dress appropriately and in conformance with our values as a Christian school.
  • Volunteers should be actively engaged with students at all times when chaperoning or otherwise supervising children.
  • When chaperoning a field trip, volunteers need to refrain from discussing students and staff with other parent volunteers. Please be aware of what your purpose is and that is insuring a safe trip for our students.
  • When chaperoning a field trip, the volunteer needs to be aware that they are responsible for all of the children assigned, not just their own child.
  • When chaperoning a field trip, the volunteer must fully participate in all activities to insure proper supervision.
  • When serving as a chaperone or as a volunteer in a classroom, volunteers are expected to have 100% of their attention on the children and as such, should refrain from all non-emergency cell phone use. If it is necessary to make a short phone call or send an urgent text, the volunteer needs to be sure that they have communicated to another adult before engaging in any phone use so that this adult can assume temporary responsibility for the children in the volunteers care.

Volunteers May Not Engage in the Following:

  • You may not discipline students in any manner, including verbally. Please work closely with your teacher or school administrator if discipline issues arise.
  • You may not administer medications to students.
  • You may not drive students in your car unless this has been expressly approved by administration and a special permission form has been fully executed by the parent. A copy of your valid Driver’s License and up to date insurance card must be presented and copied.
  • Under NO circumstances is a student to be taken off of the school premises unless directed by the school administrator.
  • You may not access student records.
  • You may not photograph students other than your own (unless requested to by the supervising teacher or school administration).
  • You may not post photos of students on your personal social media.
  • You may not exchange e-mails, text messages, phone numbers or give out your own personal details with students.

Background Check Information

If you wish to volunteer at Holy Cross Lutheran School, please complete a confidential background check by clicking on this link. Please allow ample time to complete the background check before your child’s field trip or activity. Allow a minimum of 72 hours for this to be completed. Also, please read the “Volunteer Guidelines” below. By submitting this background check, you are confirming that you have read and agree to adhere to the Volunteer Guidelines.